How to Create a Breathtaking Window Display for Your Shop Front

Shop retail display with mannequins and artistic theme.

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Even with a small amount of merchandise, you can have a lot of fun creating an interesting window design. The use of brightly coloured props will draw people in and create customer intrigue that will transform into increased revenue and customer base. These are our recommendations for creating a great window display.

  • A great retail window takes time to create, so always plan your window at least one month in advance.
  • A firm setting, such as a woodland, beach or disco will engage with your customers’ imagination and sell them a lifestyle along with your product.
  • Use props to support your display. Relevant and interesting props will complement your window set and make your products really stand out.
  • Choose your key products to feature in your window display, this works especially well with clothing that looks better on, rather than folded or on a hanger.
  • Use multiple layers of height in your display as it allows the customer to discover various items in your window.
  • Keep your key products at eye level so that passersby will be able to see your display. If your shopfront faces out to a road, consider placing your products so that cars will have a good view.
  • Try to use three colours. Whilst a monochrome or single colour window display may look chic, it won’t catch the eye of passing potential customers, putting your work to waste.
  • That being said, too many patterns or colours can distract potential customers from the product you’re trying to market. By sticking to three colours, you can make a colourful display that focuses on the product you’re selling.
  • Try to show the product being used, if possible. By having photographs in the display showing the product being used or worn, you make it easier for potential customers to imagine themselves owning and using the product. A good window display will not only display the product, but create an aspirational lifestyle for your customers.
  • Sell the items your customer wants. By focusing on luxury products, rather than necessities, you will capture the interest of more people looking to buy something nice for themselves after a long week at work.
  • It’s essential to make sure before you install your window display, you thoroughly clean both sides of the window and the floor of your display. No one will want to buy anything from your shop if it looks dirty and uncared for.
  • Whilst you’re using your window display to highlight the products you want to sell, resist the temptation to fill your window with everything you have to offer. Remember that your window display is not your stockroom.
  • Remember to change your window display every month. By regularly changing your display, you will be engaging your customers and keeping them interested in the products you sell.