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Thank you for visiting our new blog. Over the coming weeks and months we intend to share a wealth of interesting and engaging information about who we are, what we do, our industry, and the impact that we have on all those that we service.

As a manufacturer of quality props and sculptures we have a wealth of experience and so are able to craft bespoke designs with the crisp finishes that draw consumer’s attention and get you noticed.

No two props are ever the same. We understand this, and as such we’re able to create inspirational designs, from a wealth of materials. From fibreglass to polystyrene, wood to metallic we have the ability to craft designs from different materials to suit your purposes.

As a customer-focussed business we strike to not only meet but exceed your expectations. If you need a specific prop for an exhibition or theatrical production in a quick turnaround time, we have the experience to deliver it to you in a timely manner.

The visuals of an exhibition or production are paramount, not just adding to the visual appearance of production but, on occasion being characters of their very own, props have the ability to enhance any environment. From selling a concept, product or idea to informing audiences of the nature of what they are witnessing, their influence, impact, and importance cannot be understated.

Theatrical productions use props to set the scene and tell the story. They shape the attitude of characters any allow the actors the ability to fully express the opinions of their characters – and their purpose in the scene. Theatrical props are anything that the actor touches, and as such they can be any object. From a chair to a fork, a weapon to a ring, props are integral to telling the story.

Salesman and company representatives use props to sell a product or concept. Those attending sales pitches of any sort, pitches where visual aids are used to sell the product, will notice the use of props. They allow the salesman or representative to illustrate their point.

The use of props is both widespread and paramount in a wealth of different environments and circumstances. For this reason we believe that the importance of our business cannot be understated.

Please come and visit our new blog. We’re confident that you’ll discover a wealth of interesting and educational information over the coming weeks and months!