The Use of Props When Speaking Professionally

Studies have proven that people retain information in a variety of different ways. Those that are tasked with speaking publically as part of their career must engage the audience – this allows you to reach as many people as possible. This allows you to get your message across.

One of the most effective ways to engage the audience and get the message across is with interaction. This can be achieved with the use of props.

Props are, in essence, any object that is handled or used whilst on stage. Props can be almost anything. From flip charts to film footage, tennis balls to other participants, different props can be as varied as possible.

Effective use of props allows you to connect with your audience. They allow you to make your presentation an interactive one. They are visual illustrations that are used to convey a point better than you could do by merely speaking it. It’s true that many of us recall information through the use of visual stimuli. Additionally, visual stimuli will make your points all the more interesting to an audience and break up the monotony of having to speak continually for long periods of time. Props will add variety to your presentation.

One of the most effective uses of props when speaking professionally is by using prizes and props. Often done with a large audience, when presentations are completed in large arenas, props are a good way to open up the audience. The audience will wonder what tricks you’ll have up your sleeve next! Prizes are great icebreakers – and everyone who attends a presentation and was awarded a prize will always remember that presentation!

Often used as an impromptu aspect of your speech, props can have your guests on the edge of their seats. Mentioning the props whilst you’re speaking will garner association and even anticipation with the audience. They can lead you onto your next point effectively, and can be a great substitution for any notes that may be associated with your presentation.

Props are a tool that you must have in your arsenal. Visual images are more easily remembered than audio dialogue. Props allow you to easily explain valuable points – and as the old saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words.