Some Other Props in our Workshop

We are often so busy that we don’t always have the time to take enough photos, so here is a selection of props we’ve made over the years that were lucky enough to have their photograph taken.

We made these 2 ducks, which were to be placed on a Chinese cruise ship. They were moulded and cast in fibreglass and painted gold.

This 1200mm high champagne bottle was for Fortnum and Mason, who were holding a party and asked us to make a fantastic table centrepiece.

This dinosaur egg was for a shopping centre. It was hollowed out for shoppers to enjoy a social media moment.

This dripping table was made to advertise a mobile phone and tablet. We made it with metal and resin and painted it with a high gloss paint.

Sotheby’s asked us to make a 1.5 metre diameter sphere for their London store. Cast in fibreglass and mpainted yellow, here it is in our ever busy spray-room.

We made this Push to Play aluminium unit to be placed in London. When the big red button is pressed, a piece of paper with printed quiz games is dispensed. 

This giant red bow was one of a number of bows and other props made for a season of Christmas Ralph Lauren window displays. 

This 1200mm high champagne bottle was cast in fibreglass and painted and lacquered to a high gloss finish.

As part of their Spring 2018 window display, we were asked by Ralph Lauren to make lots of paint brushes; here are a few.

We made a pineapple for a Channel 4 promo. Seen for only a few seconds, our pineapple was the star of the show, if we say so ourselves.

To make this fibreglass balloon we blew a real balloon up, made a mould and then cast from that. Finished with high gloss paint, these look lovely and shiny.

We made this 8 feet high cucumber as a social media opportunity, which can be seen at Seven Dials Market, London.

This giant banana sits in place at Seven Dials Market and is sat on for photo opportunities.

We made this 1.5 feet high gummi bear in clear cast resin. It now sits in the MD’s home in pride of place.

We made this polystyrene sign for the Minions movie promo. Cut at a very odd perspective, this was a mathematical conundrum but we managed, of course.

A 4 feet high letter R for Ralph Lauren covered in flowers for one of their many new store openings.

Another letter R, again for Ralph Lauren, to be placed in-store at one of their newly opened retail outlets.

This toadstool was made for a floral design company. It was placed amongst other polystyrene props we’d made for them.

Lots and lots of snowy penguins as part of Ralph Lauren’s Europe wide Christmas 2017 window display campaign.

We made lots of decoupage covered props for Ralph Lauren’s Europe wide Autumn 2018 window display campaign

We made these 5 feet high fibreglass ZE letters for a promo to advertise a Renault Z.E. 

We make many of these giant cogs for Ralph Lauren’s new store openings. We CNC cut them in MDF and apply texture and painted to get the metal effect.

These 2 fibreglass ‘aggressive dogs’ were made for Lyle and Scott’s headquarters, painted in their choice of purple and white.

This Cornetto top was made for a company that placed it in a cone and then on top of a mini ice cream van for a promotion.