NEC Trade Show Magic Tap

We showcased our work at a trade show at The Birmingham NEC and, as we’d made one a few years before, we decided to make a magic tap. Take a look at the previous one we made:


We sculpted the basic shape in polystyrene and made a mould. from this we cast a waterproof ‘inner’ in fibreglass to hold the water.

To get the mug shape we clad the outside with timber and wrapped a thin composite board around. The handle was sculpted and hard coated and was fitted to the mug.

The tap was also sculpted in polystyrene from which we made a mould and cast in fibreglass. It had to be lightweight so that it could ‘float’ above the mug. 

Testing the power of the water pump. It had to be powerful enough to drive water up to the tap but not too powerful that it made the flow too uncontrollable.  

And so the magic begins.. Testing the mug with the pump and tap to make sure we can get a nice even flow of water from the spout.

The tap painted silver with a gloss lacquer.

We didn’t miss the opportunity to logo up our mug by applying  printed vinyl to the painted exterior.

The tap at the show. Watch the video of it below.