Microsoft 2019 Battletoad on a hover-bike

For the fifth year in a row Microsoft-Rare asked us to make some amazing Battletoad sculptures that they could promote at gaming expo’s around the world.

We only had 2-D cartoon drawings as reference which aren’t easy to work from but because we sculpt in clay and have the skills, we were able to realise their drawings in to 3-D forms.

Once Microsoft-Rare were happy that we’d captured the essence of their character we were free to make a fibreglass mould with silicone sections to capture the detail in the face.

Prior to sculpting we tend to make a quick maquette to work out the basic shape and form that the sculpt will take. Here is one we made for Rash on his hover-bike.

We sculpted the hover-bike in polystyrene and moulded and cast in fibreglass. Before we moulded the figure we had to make sure he was positioned correctly to ensure he fit the bike exactly.

The hover-bike crudely set up so that we could set the balance and fit the exhaust and pipes underneath.

The padded seat of the hover-bike with a section left out that would be fixed to the figure so that he could come off the bike to easily fit into the flight case that would see him travel the globe safely.

All painted and ready to go

The hover-bike had lights that flashed and music that played when a button was pressed.

The button to start the motor, flashing lights and music, tucked neatly into the figures belt..

Here is Rash on his hover-bike at GamesCom in Germany

This prop got a lot of attention at the gaming expo. We loved making this one and Microsoft-Rare loved it. Here’s what they said: The bike is  amazing!!! I can’t wait to see the fans reactions to it!! Smashed it!”


A happy Microsoft-Rare employee taking a ride on Rash’s hover-bike, presumably before the crowds turned up and swamped him.

Before and After Rash on his Hover Bike

Before After